"you are about to append 535920 row(s)". Only trying to append 870, WTF?

Having major issues importing 4 columns from Excel. 1 name, 2 with data (numbers) and 1 with date.

Been trying the following: – Importing to another table and appending. 535920 rows. Nope.

  • importing directly to the table. 535920 rows. No thx.

  • Copy pasting into another fresh table and then appending. No dice.

  • Copy and pasting as value to a fresh excel sheet and done above steps all over again. 535920 rows. W. T. FFF.

OK, fine. Append the shit. It works, but I get an error message saying that “0 rows couldn’t be added” OK, whatever. Now I just need to update a 5th column with IDs of the corresponding names. Nope, nothing happens. Access doesn’t seem to recognise these added lines. When searching by query, I only get matches of the old lines, not the newly append ones.

Wtf is up with this? I just want to add some lines to 4 stupid tables… Oh, and the type matches for all. And I have tried removing the key from the “main” table. Not working.

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