The recordset is not updateable

Please forgive me if I am asking something rather basic / fundamental.

I have a database with a single table with multiple fields (I know …)

I use a form, based on a query to find groups of records based around a date and list them in a subform, as a datasheet with only some of the field displayed.

I then use the primary key as a hyperlink from the subform to open a new form with all the fields (the form is based on the original table but I understand that a new recordset will have been created somewhere from the first query). This is not updatable.

What I would like to do is then edit the data in the fields on the form – I have made a button to close all open forms and reopen a new form with the recordsource as the original table and use a WhereClause to get to the record I want, but this is still not updatable … is there a method to take the primary key (a numeric ID) from the query and use it to open a form based on the original table which is updatable? If I open the database and open that form manually I can use it to scroll and edit the fields fine. Is it related to the filer?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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