Setting up queries to subtotal based on multiple variables.

I have a large data pull of sensitive information. I need to be able to pull various questions, such as gender, lifetime giving, last gift date, all based on a certain year field.

I’ve been trying with Excel, but it’s taking longer to set the formulas up than it would be to just count the data by hand. It’s about 17,000 records.

I need some help with Access queries. It’s things like “count dogs by adoption year” “Count number of pets making visits in the past 24 months AND having made 3 or more lifetime visits by adoption year” kinds of things.

I can’t share screenshots, because the data is proprietary. But know that I do have all of these in separate columns. Also, in case it’s relevant, my questions don’t actually have to do with pets and vet visits, but that’s the structure of the questions.

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