Query results issue when there is no data for a specific month

I have 2 Tables in a query. I want to compare the negotiated Charge(PAID) in Table 1 to the Standard Charge(NOT PAID) in Table 2. Table 1 is the master with ALL Customer ID’s. However, for some Months there will not be any charges and I would like to show the “Not charged” portion in Table 2.

However, the only way I get the closest CORRECT result is by Left Outer Join Month, Cust ID and Counter. However, for months where there is nothing in Table 1 then nothing is shown for Table 2.

Table1: Month, Customer ID, Name, Counter(Shows a total of transactions charged), Negotiated Unit Price and Total

Table2: Month, Counter(Total of transactions NOT charged), Standard Unit Price and Total

Ultimately this will be used as source in a report but because there are so many Sub reports I would like to combine as many as possible.

Is this even possible? Does anyone have any Tips?

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