Productivity Tracker using Access

Hi all, I’m new to access. Decided to learn it because my company has been tracking their employees’ productivity using shared excel sheets that has to be updated daily. The problem with that is excel would crash when there’s a lot of people updating it at the same time and the job is basically a simple data entry where we have to record what we did. The record could reach thousands of lines per day and at the end of each day the recorded data would need to be compiled and analyzed to have the employees’ productivity results.

I heard that access is a better option in recording large sets of data so here I am, trying to figure out on how to create an efficient database and an accompanying form. What I have so far:

a) A table with incomplete record; the employees need to complete the records, this is their productivity.

b) A form to fill the records by the employees; this would prevent the employees from working directly with the table.

c) A confused mind trying to figure out how many access file should I be creating.

Now, the reason why I’m confused is that, the company employs almost 300 people to fill in the records. Is it wise to have all 300 employees filling up the same table using the same executable form in one access database (I read somewhere access has a limit to how many people can work on it at the same time but not sure how many)? Or should I divide it into several access database and compile them at the end of every day?

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