How To Fix “Access Database Cannot Be Opened Because The Vba Project Contained In It Cannot Be Read” Error?

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Encountering error message “The database cannot be opened because the VBA project contained in it cannot be read” at the time of compiling the Microsoft Access ACCDE, MDE, or ADE file or trying to open these access database files on…

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Bulk Rename Tables?

Is there a way to bulk rename common strings in Access table names?

Here is what I’m doing:

I do a monthly system audit where I use Access to query/compare imported XLS documents from my various systems. Each month I use a consistent naming convention starting with [YYYY-MM] of the month that the raw data is from. I’m tinkering with my process to make it so that I don’t have to tweak my queries each month that are looking at the [YYYY-MM] and instead using [Current] and [Last].

My theory being that if I can use Current and Last in the comparison queries, I won’t have to go through them all each month and saving myself a lot of time. As I’m building a proof of concept from my previous month’s audit and manually renaming the [YYYY-MM] to Last/Current in table names, I’m thinking that even though I can live with doing this each month, if there was a way that I could just bulk change all of the table names that start with [Last] to [Current] it would again save me lots of time.

Aside from doing this monthly audit, I really haven’t done much development work in access in years which is why I’m asking if there may be a way to do this. Thanks!

Edit: I’m also finding that changing the table names automatically updates the table’s name in the associated queries, is there a way to prevent this from happening? It is making it so that if I rename [Current] to [Last] that I’m still having to go into the query to rename it, it does not “break” the query until I import a new [Current] table that I was expecting it to do.

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PSA: KB4484119 may break your Access Application

KB4484119 broke our Access application. Upon launching our accde we would get “Query “query name” is corrupt.”.

I had to uninstall the KB on affected systems and decline it in WSUS.

Apparently a new patch to fix this will likely be released Dec 10:

Here’s more info:

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A confusing question about rulers

A confusing question about rulers

“In Design view, ensure that the left edge of the field is at the 8.5-inch mark on the ruler, and then return to Layout view. “

I do not know what the left edge of the field is or how to change the ruler. If I could be pointed in the right direction please, I can likely solve this on my own afterwards. Any help is appreciated.

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Writing to database with Form from another database?

Access Newbie, I’d just “google” this, but I’m not really sure how to frame the search/question

The situation is I want users to be able to write to my access database with a form, but don’t want them actually in the database. I figure this a common way to interact with a database, no? You want people to write or access the data, but not inside tampering with the data.

How do I create an interface to write to an MS database like an Access form, but that is separate from the database it is writing to? Thank you!

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Protecting a split database

I’m working on preliminary ideas to revamp a split Access database. The first version encountered two serious issues:

  1. On occasion, network outages or even hiccups would cause the backend to become corrupted.
  2. New task creation sometimes assigns duplicate UIDs (we use custom UIDs that are a concatenation of task category, date, then numeric sequence) because the UIDs are formed by the frontend VBA. No validation for different frontends simultaneously creating tasks.

My supervisor is very set on implementing passthrough instead of linked tables to alleviate both issues, but I haven’t found any good information on whether that is viable for Access-to-Access. Thoughts or suggestions?

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How To Convert Access Database From Accdb To Mdb File Format?

Summary: This tutorial mainly focuses on how to convert Access database accdb to mdb file format. However, converting MS Access database between versions require your attention and additional planning of your database. So, here is complete tutorial which demonstrate the…

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New to Access, need a little help

Hey guys,

at work, we’re trying to build a database to get an output of all kinds of data from different excel tables (items in stock, sales per week, price, etc) into one table by using the ItemID as primary key for all the tables and as a user input for the queries.

I’m completely new to Access, I do have some experience in Excel and databases in general though. I’ve linked the tables to each other and sucessfully inplemented different queries. However, I have a few questions that I can’t really find a good answer to online:

  1. How can I ask for multiple values when asking for user input? (For example: I want the user to be able to put in multiple itemIDs so they can compare sales/week in a table that has multiple rows)
  2. Is there any way I can automatically link new tables to all the other ones? There’s a new table including data about sales etc. coming out every week. Does that mean I have to manually link it to the other tables in my database and also edit my queries every week?

Thank you guys in advance!

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Update queries corrupt after latest windows/office update?

Hi all.

Just experienced an issue with our access database. Basically it seems that all ‘update’ queries are showing an error as them being corrupt.

I have done some tests and it only seems to be happening when the database is being run through the latest version off office (which was just updated in the latest windows update).

I think it is V 1910?

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues, or know of a fix other than doing a rollback/system restore?

I hope I have explained myself well enough and this all makes sense.

Many thanks in advance.

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