Help: Multiple Keyword Search function

Howdy. I have a database that includes information about people. At the moment it is set up so that you can search via Last, First, Middle or SSN. i.e. if someone types Smith in the Last text box they get everyone with the last name Smith. If they then go into the SSN box and type 123, the results refresh and now it shows everyone with an SSN that includes 123. I want to make it so that if I type in Smith in the Last text box and then type 123 in the SSN text box I will get a list of everyone named Smith who has 123 in their SSN. I’ve seen a lot of videos on doing this with drop downs but not with text boxes.

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Auto-Fill Combo Boxes Based on Previous Combo Boxes

I have three combo boxes: Ship Class, Ship Number, and Ship Name that are linked to a Ship Table containing the same fields. I already have them set up with a cascading affect. When you select the Ship Class only Ship Numbers for those classes will appear and so on. Once you have selected both a Ship Class and Ship Number there is only one Ship Name available, which is what I wanted to automatically be filled. Since there is only one available I have tried using this code:

Private Sub CboShipNumber_Change()

If CboShipClass <> Null Then

CboShipName.Value = CboShipName.ItemData(0)

End If

End Sub

For the most part it works, but some entries are giving me issues. I am looking for some code that will make CboShipName.Value equal the same Ship Name given a chosen Ship Class and Ship Number based on the Ship Table. For example, if this is the Ship Table:

Ship Class Ship Number Ship Name
big 22 Sam
fast 1 Bob

If in the combo boxes you select “big” for the Ship Class and “22” for the Ship Number, I would like “Sam” to be automatically chosen for the Ship Name. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Error when linking SharePoint List "The setting you entered isn’t valid for this property."

I am humbly reaching out for guidance on an issue I have been struggling with. I am using Access 2016 and trying to build out a central source for some reporting. This Access Database will link to 4 different SharePoint list. 3 of the 4 lists are working exactly as intended. The 4th is where the problem lies.

I am able to add the new data source with no problems but when attempting to open the table I am presented with the error below:

The setting you entered isn’t valid for this property

To see the valid settings for this property, search the Help index for the name of the property.

The only option on the error dialogue box is “OK” and when clicked the following will appear:

The Microsoft Access database engine encountered an error while communicating with SharePoint.

More detailed information: “The query cannot be completed because the number of lookup columns it contains exceeds the lookup column threshold enforced by the administrator. Operations that exceed the list view threshold are allowed in the following time window defined by the administrator” <br/><b>, from 6:00:00 PM to 9:00:00PM . </b>’

I do not have administrator rights to the SharePoint list so likely cannot change the threshold but am looking for a way around this error. I don’t need all the columns that are in the table, I only need about 10 of the 30+ is there a way to only link to a few columns? I have tried to create a query of the table only requesting the few columns needed but get the same error message as above.

Does anyone have any guidance on what could be done? Please let me know if more detail is needed. Thanks to all who read.

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Validating Times

I am creating a database to record staff time in and out of the work place.

It will be manually updated via a form – I have the time in and time out entries in the table formatted as Short Time but I want to add a validation to the time out entry to make sure that it is not earlier than the time in. I am struggling to get the Validation Rule to accept (=[Time out]>[Time in]) – is this too simplistic a rule?

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[Infographics] Ways To Fast Up Your Slow Working Access Database

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Help me with a renting system please

Me and my friends are making a program for a school project, we need to fisnish it in tuesday, but we are having some problems with the dates filters.

So we are making a car renting project and now we need to make the sql to filter the cars that are not avalible, but we are having a lot of problems with data duplication, and the where I think is just wrong, if anyone can help us it will be amazing

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