New to Access, need a little help

Hey guys,

at work, we’re trying to build a database to get an output of all kinds of data from different excel tables (items in stock, sales per week, price, etc) into one table by using the ItemID as primary key for all the tables and as a user input for the queries.

I’m completely new to Access, I do have some experience in Excel and databases in general though. I’ve linked the tables to each other and sucessfully inplemented different queries. However, I have a few questions that I can’t really find a good answer to online:

  1. How can I ask for multiple values when asking for user input? (For example: I want the user to be able to put in multiple itemIDs so they can compare sales/week in a table that has multiple rows)
  2. Is there any way I can automatically link new tables to all the other ones? There’s a new table including data about sales etc. coming out every week. Does that mean I have to manually link it to the other tables in my database and also edit my queries every week?

Thank you guys in advance!

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