Neutral table between temporary and actual table?

I have 3 tables: 1. temp 2. Brief 3. attachment

Temp table is used to import Excel data into the database and allow people to review / edit before appending to the brief table in other words, validate so doesn’t import crap and once the data is validated, that table gets deleted.

While the user is on the form that’s connected to the temp table. I want them to be able to add information to the attachment table but no sure what would be best way to connect them.

The brief table is on the back end (external database) and is multiple users setup so I can’t have the temp table (which is local) auto generate ID numbers since it might already have that number on brief table by the time the user hits submits.

My question is, what would be the best way to connect via relationship my temp table to the attachment table so when it gets appended to the brief table, I can identify that it was temp table and now is on brief table.

Worth mentioning that the brief table is connected to the attachment table in one to many relationship.

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