Need to use Access, but frustrated

Several years ago I began using MS Access for my job. I built some solutions quickly that helped us tremendously.

Fast forward to now. In a web-based environment where so much can be accessed virtually, I find it very frustrating that I have to buy an install-per-machine version of Access in order to use it.

I need to build a small database that will track customer and the purchases that they’ve made. It’s fairly simple, with tables that will track customers, products, and several reference tables for data integrity and validation along the way. I use a Mac because of the heavy graphic editing that we do in our retail store.

If I buy Access for Mac, I basically get to use it on one machine and have to physically be in front of that computer to use it, correct? Is there another web-based solution I can use, or a way to easily integrate use of this database via the web using a Mac without having to purchase a bunch of other products to do it?

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