Lookup wizard – get value of referenced field, not ID?

Hi! I am a little stuck here. I have a big interconnected set of databases for a school project.

I have a table of names of cruise ships.

I have a table for ship itineraries, that lists each ship along with its departure and arrival location. I have used lookup wizard to create a relationship to the ship table.

I have a passenger table with basic contact information and passport information.

I need to create a ship manifest table that will store which passengers are going on which itinerary trip. I can get the passenger name to show up just fine, but because the ship name isn’t directly in the itinerary table, only the id number shows up.

Example: I want to show which passengers are on the Gem ship that leaves Boston on March 30th. I can add passengers using a lookup wizard, but if I try to do a lookup wizard with Gem, it only gives me ‘3’ in the lookup field because that’s the ID number in the Itinerary field.

How do I fix this? Is this even possible?

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