DoCmd.Close acQuery


I ran a search on the sidebar and didn’t find what I was looking for, and google has been rather elusive on this specific topic.

I am working on a database that is intended only for internal use by fairly competent professionals that need to be able to access the backend functions – like being able to see the queries, tables, and edit data. Bit of a niche thing. Anyways –

In order to streamline the process I’m trying to figure out how to close open query tabs. I know I can pull them open in subforms, but even then DoCmd.Close doesn’t seem to work for anything other than closing access itself. Ironically that’s a valid workaround, but if it’s possible I’d like a method to close all query tabs.

Currently I have tried:

DoCmd.Close acQuery, [Query Tab Name], acSaveNo

This does not return an error, nor does it actually work. It parses correctly, so I’m a little confused.

DoCmd.Close acForm [Subform]

Also does not appear to work or return an error. I did remove the usual DoCmd.SetWarnings False.

Any ideas would be most appreciated.

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