Critique my FE Distribution Plan

I am looking to develop a process to update a FE. I’ve reviewed many approaches, but have run into a two challenges in implementing them:

(1) The users do not have access to a network drive — it is all through SharePoint — so I do not believe I can develop a script to copy the new FE to their machine.

(2) The users sometimes need to develop their own MS Access reports. I am not aware of any way to store reports on the BE, so I believe this would mean they would be lost by simply overwriting the old FE with a new one.

My plan is to use the export/import as text function of Access to export everything into text. These files will be zipped (through VBA) and uploaded to SharePoint. The users on the FE will have a function to check for updates. This will compare the version # on their FE with the master version # on a SharePoint list. If their FE version is outdated, the FE will download the proper .zip, extract it, load all of the text files (skipping reports so that the users can keep any new ones they drafted), and then clean up the downloaded files.

This process seems to function properly in my limited testing. But, I wanted to see if anyone can poke holes in it before I try to implement.


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