Copying(?) record data to search another form

The Problem

My switchboard has multiple buttons to open forms. Every time I switch forms, I have to search for the record I was JUST working on. Example: on Form1, I’ve navigated to Record446. When I go to Form2, the default Record1 shows. and I have to go find Record446, manually….again.

The Desired Solution

Wouldn’t it be great to have Form2 load Record446 (or Record50, Record 23, etc.). Especially because I’m switching forms so much.

What I’ve Found Out

I found the “On Deactivate” Event for the forms (Form1), and wouldn’t I put a macro in there to copy the information? I’m not sure what or where or how to copy the field data.

Then, I would have data when “On Activate” event occurs for Form2, where I run “Find Record” the same as the copied record.

Or maybe there’s an easier, automatic way to do this?

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