Converting Employee Sick, Vacation, PTO from Excel to Access

Hey all,

Quick question about MS access and excel. Currently at the company I work at, they use excel to track over 600+ sick, personal, and PTO accruals and usage and I want to come up with a better solution as they are not planning on migrating to an HRIS program anytime soon.

As of right now, there is a large excel document that has a tab for every employee, and when they take a sick day or use a PTO day, you just add in the amount of hours.

Would this be a better solution to migrate to Access? I was thinking if every employee could have a file in a database and there could just be one “form” or update page where someone can type in a employee name (auto populate?) and it would have forms to enter sick, vacation, personal and then just hit a button and it will update their file?

Let me know if anyone here has any suggestions as I am pretty new to Access, but familiar with Excel.

Thank you!

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