Auto-Fill Combo Boxes Based on Previous Combo Boxes

I have three combo boxes: Ship Class, Ship Number, and Ship Name that are linked to a Ship Table containing the same fields. I already have them set up with a cascading affect. When you select the Ship Class only

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Validating Times

I am creating a database to record staff time in and out of the work place.

It will be manually updated via a form – I have the time in and time out entries in the table formatted as Short

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Help me with a renting system please

Me and my friends are making a program for a school project, we need to fisnish it in tuesday, but we are having some problems with the dates filters.

So we are making a car renting project and now we

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Mde file wont open any data?

Windows 10 with MS Access runtime installed

File is stored on the network share.

I can open the file, but I don’t see any tables or data being generated? File appears as blank.

My other collegue is able to open

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