Having a directory of images you can click through

Hi guys, I’m trying to find a way to have an image viewable on a form, where the source is a directory that has the same name as the combobox text. By clicking the picture you can then look through all the pictures in that folder. Would this be possible at all?

E.g. You search a code for a property 12893 in the combobox. The picture box shows up on the side, showing the first photo in the folder named 12893.

You can then look through the rest of the photos in the 12893 folded through access.

Any ideas? 🙂

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Creating Query and combining contacts in the same row/column

So I’m trying to figure out how to go about this but all that turns up is just several rows with the top level information for every low level information.

My database has two tables I’m trying to merge into one, which obviously using queries is the best solution but my SQL is shoddy and I’m not entirely familiar with how to setup a query like this.

Table 1 - Customer ID | Company Name | Address Table 2 - Customer Contact Company | Contact Name | Email Address 

So I have all my information filled out, Table 1 and Table 2 is linked via Company Name and Company and I have multiple Contacts listed under each company.

What I’m trying to do is get a query where it shows the ID, Company Name, Contacts associated with that company, the email addresses associated with that contact, and the address of the company.

I’m just not entirely sure how to merge these together so that under one column and in one row to have them all grouped under the company.

I’ve tried using the Query Wizard to create a Duplicates Query but that results in the same thing as not using that query.

I’ve looked online but nothing seems to stick as I’m definitely missing good portions of information.

How do I get all the contacts listed under the same company without having 2 – 10 rows because there are multiple contacts?

I can try to explain better later, right now I need to get the question out there.

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Lookup wizard – get value of referenced field, not ID?

Hi! I am a little stuck here. I have a big interconnected set of databases for a school project.

I have a table of names of cruise ships.

I have a table for ship itineraries, that lists each ship along with its departure and arrival location. I have used lookup wizard to create a relationship to the ship table.

I have a passenger table with basic contact information and passport information.

I need to create a ship manifest table that will store which passengers are going on which itinerary trip. I can get the passenger name to show up just fine, but because the ship name isn’t directly in the itinerary table, only the id number shows up.

Example: I want to show which passengers are on the Gem ship that leaves Boston on March 30th. I can add passengers using a lookup wizard, but if I try to do a lookup wizard with Gem, it only gives me ‘3’ in the lookup field because that’s the ID number in the Itinerary field.

How do I fix this? Is this even possible?

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Delete all entries in a table that do not meet a criteria

Hello all,
So I have two tables. The first is a very large table that I import data into. One of the columns in that table shows the project number that the particular entry is associated with.

The second table is just a list of project numbers that I am interested in.

I would like to remove from the first table any entry where the project number is not found on the second table (i.e. deleting all of the entries that I am not interested in.) I have some experience with queries and programming in VBA, but for some reason can’t come up with a decent way to do this. Any help would be appreciated!

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Importing Multiple Excel Sheets Daily


I am in a job where I receive multiple Excel sheets daily that are on a standardized format. I have a master file in which I paste every new sheet and the file keeps getting bigger and bigger. Moreover, to retrieve information and prepare different tailor made statements, I have to use Pivot Tables and a lot of work has to be done manually, as there are no queries in Excel.

Please guide whether Access is feasible for performing the above mentioned task of maintaining a database of these sheets that are received daily? If yes, how can I do it the easier way which should be easier to learn for my team members too? Please remember that I don’t have to do manual data entry but import standardized Excel sheets containing multiple records, on daily basis. I am new to Access and have played around with it a little bit.

Thanks and regards.

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Query results issue when there is no data for a specific month

I have 2 Tables in a query. I want to compare the negotiated Charge(PAID) in Table 1 to the Standard Charge(NOT PAID) in Table 2. Table 1 is the master with ALL Customer ID’s. However, for some Months there will not be any charges and I would like to show the “Not charged” portion in Table 2.

However, the only way I get the closest CORRECT result is by Left Outer Join Month, Cust ID and Counter. However, for months where there is nothing in Table 1 then nothing is shown for Table 2.

Table1: Month, Customer ID, Name, Counter(Shows a total of transactions charged), Negotiated Unit Price and Total

Table2: Month, Counter(Total of transactions NOT charged), Standard Unit Price and Total

Ultimately this will be used as source in a report but because there are so many Sub reports I would like to combine as many as possible.

Is this even possible? Does anyone have any Tips?

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Creating Barcode

Hi, on an ms access application how do I create a printable barcode list which does not repeat and make the same barcode twice. So basically I type a number and the computer generates that many barcodes and make sure they do not repat.

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Fix multiple entries at once

Hello all,

I am working on a project where I have instructed people to enter a heat number for metal they are testing as it comes in.

Problem is that for a heat example of XYZ 29-30, people have entered it as:

XYZ2930 Xyz 29 30 Xyz2930

I’d love to go through and fix all these for the sake of filtering easier, but this is like, 6 months of data and that would take a very long time. Is there anyway I can fix it faster, or just adjust my query filters? I need to find the average of a quality per heat number.

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How to do user-created lists/sets/collections of records?

I have basic knowledge of access but I don’t know the best way to go about doing this:

I have a table “Objects”. I want users to be able to create custom “lists” (sets, collections, etc.) and then add individual records to those lists.

Right now all I can think of is creating a new table for each “list” and then adding records to the list via a unique identifier and a relationship to the Objects table.

This could work but would end up with a ton of tables if a lot of “lists” are made. Is there a better way?

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Display search results on form

Hey /r/Access — I’m new to Access but an Excel/VBA pro so if someone can just point me in the right direction, I’d really appreciate it!

I have a data table that has an “Item Number” field. I’m trying to build a form that allows a user to type in an Item Number and all the records with that item number (will be 1 to 10 rows total) will be displayed on the UserForm, sorted by a “date” field. User doesn’t need to interact with these records in any way, just needs to the see the text in a simple table.

What’s the general approach here? What control should I use and what’s the method to populate it?

I’ve been googling/searching around but having trouble finding an example.


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